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Friday, May 20, 2005
If you are well connected, there's an entire realm of internet-based spoofage, mockery, and humor out there waiting to be discovered. Today's list:
  • Store Wars
  • MoveonPAC's 'Nuclear Option'
  • The FairEnough.com Collection
  • The Rainbow Animations
  • FlowGo.com Collection
  • and of course the ubiquitous JibJab.com "This Land."
    I don't know who has the time or the inclination to assemble such things, but it is pretty funny.

    On an unrelated note, weather is a wicked googley. Yesterday it was cold and damp and rainy; today is pretty much perfect. I suppose if we kept track of the weather we'd find that it really didn't always rain on days off, but it is sure feeling like that today. A corollary here is that I wish my trick wireless cyclocomputer had Excel and Word and the interwebs on it so that I could head out on a ride and still get stuff done. One day our brain waves will be transmitted to an all-knowing OmniscientPad so that we can actually multitask. It is going to be sweet!

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