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Thursday, May 05, 2005
Everybody has an album or two by an artist or two that they really really enjoy. For me the two at the top would have to be Weezer and Ben Folds. I have the latter's disc "Whatever and Ever...Amen" and quite a bit of his newer stuff on my computer, and I find that once Ben Folds goes into the CD player it takes some cosmic phenomenon to get it out again, so when his tour passed through Royal Oak Music Theatre and ticket prices stayed reasonable, Jenelle and I headed out.
Royal Oak is a cool, contemporary town about the size of Escanaba. It has modern furniture stores, a great gift (like, contemporary gifts not anything crocheted or affixable to a car) shop, a couple of cool restaurants - of which one was Pronto! where we had a great dinner - and a pleasant Main Street USA feel. We took advantage of the pleasant feel and stood on Fourth Street for about two hours to get a good spot for the show and it paid off big time; we got standing space about 10 feet from Mr. Folds and his giant Baldwin. From opening note to final encore, the show was awesome. He played old and new, a couple of numbers sans band, and truly rocked out my favorite, "Zak and Sara."
Since then, it's been a day of this and that as the world, or so it seems, prepares for MSU's term to wind down and commencement to arrive.

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