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Thursday, May 26, 2005
Even though I haven't really done anything since my last post, if I let these things slide I get accused of being a "lazy only blogging once a week bum." With that in mind, the latest:
ASSET, the Navy's Advanced Surface Ship Evaluation Tool, is the new bane of my existance. It is old and rickety and hard to use and unintuitive, so naturally that means that I am required to use it to complete my research.
My legs are tired from yesterday's jaunt, but I am still feeling good from the ride. I always thought my high school track coach was nuts talking about his "runner's high" but now I can kind of see what Mr. O (having grown up, that is pretty funny in and of itself) was talking about.
Now it's a close up shop, head up north, Memorial Day Wedding Great Lakes Weekend.

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