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Monday, May 23, 2005
Alright, here we go; plenty of stuff so let's hold our questions until the end. Thanks.
Things started off Friday afternoon with the arrival of West Wing Season 1 DVDs from my summer splurge NetFlix. I watched a couple of episodes over the course of the weekend and am feeling very political. Next up in my queue: Bend It Like Beckham and Motorcycle Diaries.
Friday night featured pasties and a pleasant bike ride along the Huron River through Gallup Park and back to Huron Towers, where a short swim in the pool essentially wrapped up outdoor activity for the day. Then, we stumbled upon "Fiddler on the Roof" on PBS and enjoyed that.
Saturday's feature event was a trip with Megan and Wyl to Leamington, Ontario, for a ride aboard the McCully's boat. It was a pretty great day to be out on Lake Erie, especially on a boat. Plus, catching up with friends on all things marriage and career and fun. In the evening we crossed back into the US and had dinner together in Plymouth.
East Lansing's 42nd Art Fair was Sunday. We checked it out, despite occasional rain and chill, and really enjoyed. It was certainly a pleasure for me to be back in the Midwest, away from the beach-chic home furnishings and pink headwear that populated Sarasota art fairs. We're also continuously surprised at how similar our tastes are; from furniture to photography our eyes settled on the same pieces. Afterwards, at Woody's Oasis our eyes settled on some Middle Eastern food and mango ice cream for dessert that was, I don't think I'm exaggerating here, the most wonderfully delicious food product ever made.

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