b 4.0
Wednesday, April 20, 2005
You can call it study day, gap day, skip day, a day off, or whatever other term you want, but today I've got a lot to do and a lot of time to do it - the first time those stars have aligned in quite awhile. No class, no advisor visits, and no team meetings: it is like the first day of vacay over here. If it weren't for those two exams next week I'd be sitting on a pretty healthy bank of free time.

Last night I used some of Gram's expert advice and some good luck to get a new operating system onto Jenelle's troubled laptop while she made stirfry. After dinner we took advantage of Michigan's long dusklight to wax the Jimmy. After that we watched Scrubs and The Office, which are the first and third funniest shows on TV. And after that, I pitched in to help make fruit pizza for some work colleague's bridal party this afternoon. (FYI: Fruit pizza is like regular pizza, except that everything is one stern warning from your mother worse for you. For instance, the tomato sauce and cheese mixture of pizza is replaced by a cream cheese, Cool Whip, and sugar blend. Tasty, but not good for you.)

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