b 4.0
Thursday, April 14, 2005
This afternoon GE luminary Jack Welch was on campus to give a talk and discuss his book "Winning." Business is a strange world, celebrity-wise, since people are generally famous for being rich, felons, or both. Jack (apparently the world is on first name basis with this fellow) is a rare exception to that; his tenure as a General Electric executive lasted for decades and his reknown as manager-supreme lives on. What's weird about the whole thing is that he doesn't seem that remarkable...no features stand out the way they would if you'd been to a talk given by an athlete or a politician, and yet he's been wildly successful in every function that has come to define to upper-level manager. May we all be so lucky.

Away from the business side of life, the engineer in me continues to keep up the good work on homeworks and projects. Wilke and I sat together for about 10 minutes this morning and came up with a concept platform that should be about the cheapest thing anybody could possibly design - a two-legged TLP. Stability? We don't neeeeed no stiiiinking stability.

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