b 4.0
Thursday, April 28, 2005
Sometimes the rules you give yourself for test-taking preclude some of the studying that would otherwise be necessary. For today's throw-down with NA570, I have decided that I shall not be attempting any simulated annealing or genetic algorithm problems that may appear. This means that I've eliminated a good portion of the studiable material and I can focus on the other 75% of the exam a little more whole-heartedly. The only possible drawback would be if MGP has included one of each, in which case I may be in some trouble.
For most of the assemblage, this marks the last final of their academic careers. They are carrying on accordingly, planning a post-exam brouhaha to take place at the picnic table outside NAME. It's fun to be around that kind of excitement, the kind that I haven't seen since high school graduation, but it is a little tough knowing that I have two more years of (presumably) tough exams between me and my final final party.

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