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Friday, April 01, 2005
Back in the day I had an Aiwa NSX-3330 home entertainment system; one of its really killer features was a karaoke function that allowed Robin and I to really belt out the hits in the basement at Maywood. This afternoon I am really craving that outlet. It would be pretty fun to dance around and sing along with my new mainstream fave "Mr Brightside" or my latest eclectic selection "Lonely is the Night." At the end of the week there just isn't much that does it for me like creating some amplified 80's-pop.

As some of you know, North Campus can be a pretty remote place. As hopefully just about everybody knows, there's a business school down on Central Campus. At that school, they teach about supply and demand: if people demand something, supplying it is a way to a) make money or b) make them happy. On North Campus, though, they don't get this and so the gym closes at 11. It matters not that when they flash the lights there are still 50-100 people there, time is up please head home. The U is trying to make 'the NC' a more hospitable place and they could start by keeping NCRB open later.

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