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Friday, March 11, 2005
Police-themed media are forever pushing this idea of "tell it to the judge." Hopefully, muttered under the breath of each of these characters, off camera and away from the microphone, is a warning that judges, on the whole, are not a very sympathetic bunch and that you might as well save your Thursday morning and not even go downtown to Courtroom #2 because honestly all that will happen is you'll waste $1.75 on a parking meter, get scolded by a grownup in a robe, and wind up being deliciously dissed and dismissed.

The West Wing is a topic that received an above-average portion of bloggage around here, but that's cool because it is such a good show. This week's Super Tuesday episode contained a rare black-box moment, though, which I didn't like. (Not that kind of black box...jeez what do you think NBC is, the CBC?) Usually the Wing is well written to the extent that every event is thoroughly supported, but this week Matt Santos made a somewhat mysterious rise to the top of the California primary in one of those 'that kind of thing never happens' moments that plague regular TV.

Even though Michigan's train-wreck-on-hardwood basketball season(s) are over, it is a happy day in Wolverine sportdom. Firstly, the aforementioned peach-basket-disaster-squad doesn't have to play Illinois. Such a blessing. More importantly, though, the men's intercollegiate ice hockey team starts their playoff run tonight, under the riveted rafters at Yost.

Please rise. Can you pay today? Time limit two hours. Time remaining is forfeited. Remove cardboard backing. Balance due now. You've got mail. Wrong server. Wrong password. Kerberos! AFS! There you go. Website, website, website. Doug at LFM. Robin at Thailand. Parents at Alta. Game at 7:35. Let's...Go...Blue! Best of three series. Super Six. How is Alaska central? Thin plates, thin shells, thick head. Vortices, tugs and barges, AHP, inspection devices, Navy After Next. Meet at Mujo. Meet at NAME. Meet at Yost. Let's...Go...Blue!

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