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Saturday, March 19, 2005
I forgot to blog one of the week's major developments; good news arrived Thursday on the financial aid front. Funny thing, though: I have to basically be a slacker to qualify for the Benford/Zimmie Scholarship for dual masters' candidates. If I stay on my present course I won't be a concurrent dual-degree candidate, so I'm effectively being paid to drop a class and be a slacker over the summer. This means that I'll start business school as somebody who worked for two years and has just a bachelor's degree, but won't it be fun in December to pick up a master's degree for Christmas. Like Merritt said, masters programs in engineering can be a little weird. I don't feel like I've really gained a whole lot of expertise, especially on the technical front, but the university deems that I have and is willing to put it in writing.

More funny/lucky things happened yesterday, too. In the afternoon I was crashing in a major way so I got some Mike & Ike's from the machine. I was getting ready to be really mad when the machine didn't quite dispense my little bag - but when I gave it a pretty good hip-check, out came two bags. Wonder of wonders! Speaking of hip checks, we were standing in line to get tickets to last night's game at the Joe and this lady comes running up and says "hey does anybody want two tickets?" About a half dozen people were like 'sure, how much do you want' or 'where are they,' but I just held my hand out and was awarded two general admission seats - basically $20 free bucks and about 10-15 minutes worth of not standing in line. Miracle of miracles!

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