b 4.0
Thursday, March 31, 2005
During one of my less-than-scintillating lectures earlier this week, I made a to-do list. Lists of things that are going to soak up free time are not the sort of thing I like to dwell on, but this week I needed one. Maybe it helps, too, because I really feel like I've gotten a lot done. That vaguery includes free lunch (nee Grad Student Forum) at Rackham, another delicious international potluck at NAME (the international student in me shared pasties...what a riot!), and that is about it. As at Webb, meal time is down time, 'Corey time' if you will, so having occasion to kick back for a couple of meals in a given day is pretty nice.

Deep thoughts today about how much people are worked up about "getting things done." I'm one of these, as are you (likely) and just about everybody else who reads this. Why do we put such enormous importance on getting things done? What happened to enjoying the metaphoric journey? When did productivity become the grail? Where are 'doing a good job' and 'not sweating the small stuff' these days? Priorities are a tough nut to crack. Maybe I should have taken a philosophy course rather than IOE 583. (There was the tie-in you knew I was heading for. BooooYAH!)

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