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Thursday, February 10, 2005
It's rare that I have such a quick turn-around on the blog - there's usually at least 20 hours between posts so that, you know, stuff happens. Today it's different.
As a college student I'm lucky enough to get Sports Illustrated On Campus, the raggy magazinelette-spawn of SI. It is, though, fairly Michigan-centric which makes it fun. One of today's best Michigan-isms came from a Bowling Green hockey player: Jordan Sigalet, who recently announced he has MS. At the end of the article he says he was at Michigan and the press box phone rang over the PA system, at which point the Yosties yelled "Hey Sigalet, it's your mom! She says 'you suck!'" Sigalet told SIOC "that's great to hear, all I ever wanted is to be treated like a hockey player."

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