b 4.0
Tuesday, February 15, 2005
It's late and I'm using Maple to do mathy stuff; it's intense enough that I find it funny that this post goes out at 1-1-2-3, Fibonacci o'clock. I hope a sophomore Webbie is tilting one down in the Brocket Arms for that!
A sure sign of one's age is the progression of software releases on programs they used to know...I started on Maple 4, loved Maple V to death during vector calc take-home season (cue "Bad Touch" by the Bloodhound Gang on nostalgia FM), and tonight I'm working through the intricacies of Maple 9.5. Four.five versions have come out and I'm still doing math.
Speaking of math, I got some financial calculator advice today. Can you believe it, after 7 years with my trusty (and no longer in production) TI-92 , it's time to drop another Benji on a calculator?
Lastly, I'm returning to Florida for the first time tomorrow to speak at the ASNE Reconfigurability and Survivability Symposium. Non-NA's who read this will probably find this topic a little dry, but it should be interesting and at the very least it's a strong resume point to be published and to have given a technical talk at this stage of my career as a navarch.

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