b 4.0
Friday, February 18, 2005
It is Friday. I was up late last night working on homework and came in pretty early this morning to do the same. Then class, NA416 Thin Plates and Shells, which is my chosen struggle for the semester. I really didn't anticipate that it would be this tough, and after pretty limited success on the homeworks I am sweating next week's midterm.
Outside of class, it is going to be an afternoon and evening of domesticity. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, and more laundry with studying sprinkled all in there. It's nice to have a clean apartment though, so I suppose this is the price to pay.
The scheduled weekend highlight (apart from hopefully a couple of full night's rest) is the Detroit Boat Show. Circumstances are different from the last time I was there, meeting Dad in Motown for the show and surprisingly finding Wings-Avalanche tickets the night before. This year it's a day-trip without the possibility of hockey, which is fine. Except for the hockey part. Do NOT get me started.

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