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Friday, February 25, 2005
"Imagine where you will be and it will be so!" quoth Maximus. There are certainly times when I imagine myself skiing, and today this adage holds true. Just one class, a ton of packing, and a couple of games of charity bowling are all that stand between me and departure on what has become a traditional late-Febrary ski holiday.
The concert last night was good, although the musical selection was not as good as the last concert in my opinion. Nonetheless, the celtic "Lord of the Dance" arrangement was very pleasing and it was good to hear some classical music. Afterwards, a group of six visited (and closed down) Sindhu...still good but holy wow don't order the Chicken Kodia in the medium-spicy flavor. I had beads of sweat rolling down my head for half an hour. Still, the flavor was outstanding and I highly recommend it. Afterwards, Aimee and Robin and Dad and I hit The Parlour on Campus for ice cream, a malt, the spectacle, and a junior-sized banana split, respectively. If you're ever in East Lansing, I highly recommend it - the burgers are great, too.

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