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Thursday, February 24, 2005
The big event for today is the MSU Concert Orchestra's concert at 7:30 in Fairchild. I find it to be a cruel twist of fate when things that are exciting and worth looking forward to happen in the evening, because when you look forward (or when I look forward, at least) to things I invariably truncate their start time to just the day; Robin's concert is on Thursday. This causes a problem because there was still almost half a day in between that my looking forward style had neglected.
The interval has been filled with not a lot. I had a pretty good piece of correspondence with MPYD this morning, getting happy news from Chris, the promise of a W-2, a mini-assignment to use my (apparent) press release writing ability to put together a bio for Mike, and the link to some nifty-looking boat photography. (If you follow the link to see the pictures of the 84' diesel & waterjet sportyacht, pay special attention to how totally spifftacular the louvers look on the stern. Similar for hawse holes, arch/hardtop connection, aft door, foredeck hatches, the entire aluminum structure, house-to-deck joint, windshield, and side windows.)

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