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Monday, January 03, 2005
You could call it the winter of my discontent....it is the best of times, it is the worst of times. A really, really, fun New Year's to kick off ought-five with a pretty sizable Webb contingent. But then, on New Year's Day, the Rose Bowl.
Constable put on his "hook 'em Horns" shirt and I donned my season ticket shirt, and we watched the shootout unfold. I was pretty pleased with things, except that Lloyd Carr still hasn't adopted my mantra:
So, by passing on a short-yardage near guaranteed running conversion and then not managing the clock at the end (has 'icing' a kicker ever worked?) the Blue managed to let a Rose Bowl victory elude them. But my hunch is that we may be going again soon with Henne and Hart and Breaston and Co.

A long drive home with news abundant about happenings in far away places. This part should really be at the top of the post, but it is so surreal that I really don't think I (or anybody else I know) have my head around it.

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