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Friday, January 28, 2005
It is the end of the week and a busy day.
A new restaurant opened before Christmas in the north lobby of 2200 Fuller Court (The Garden Cafe) and I haven't thrown much patronage their way, but this morning I woke up just cah-raving the fruitie goodness of a smoothie, so I was a company man and bought a strawberry-banana breakfast in a cup and headed to school. After class, there was skating at Yost - today skating felt natural and easy and fast and fun - in between classes. One interesting part of being at Yost during the noon hour on game day is that the opponent for that night is usually lingering after their morning skate. Today, my man Nate's KittyCats from Northern were hanging around. An ominous note from Director of Hockey Operations Michael J. Stephenson may tame the taunting that NMU's skaters have to endure from the crowd, but hopefully the Michigan hockey team will take care of business.
Yesterday I got a picture via email of one of the last boats that I worked on back in the day at MPYD; the 42' patrol boat for Victory Team. Even though I'm excited about the road ahead and wouldn't change things, part of me will certainly always miss the nautical eye candy generated at 47 S Palm.

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