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Monday, January 31, 2005
Good weekend all around. Ellie announced to NA570 this afternoon that her weekend was "fantastic, the year's best" and I'm not ready to make that kind of statement, but it was really good.
That being said, Friday night's CCHA ice hockey game between UM and NMU was not a great starting point. Everyone's favorite goalie (where were the chants of 'Al Montoya!' this week?) let in some softies and the 'Cats rolled 4-1.
After that, though, things were good. Lazy day of haircuts and some browsing and trying like mad to brush Oliver and watching "Dodgeball" on Saturday, followed up by another lazy day of pancakes and bacon and a walk around Hawk Island Park and homemade pesto and "Garden State" and work and picture framing.
Today I had Graduate Student Forum (as I was reminded via email) and some classes, but mostly I've been working and trying to move forward on a couple of projects - GSRA stuff and a website for the Quarterdeck Society here in the NAME department.

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