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Monday, January 24, 2005
A few more reflections on the car show, now two days out. Ford, I think, may be in big trouble. A huge number of Ford-UAW bags were distributed at the show with the nearly-forgotten slogan "Buy American" emblazoned on them. Ruh-roh. Next, Robin correctly summed up the world of high-perf coupes with her bored pronouncement that "they're all the same." With the exception of the TT and Corvette, virtually every two-door at the show was the same. Finally, a comment on the General. For all the hype, media blitzing, and "commotion," the so-called revolutions of Chevrolet and Pontiac are not too convincing. Chevy's Cobalt is a decent car, but the Pontiac G6 was pure disappointment. Mr. Lutz, if you want to regain market share with new models, they have to be good cars. I continue to be amazed that GM doesn't just break down and import the Adam Opel AG product line, slap some bowties and arrowheads on there, and be done with it.
Monday bloody Monday here, with school and homework and project proposals and blah de blah blah blah. The snow is also melting a little bit, which stinks. I hit the NCRB gym this afternoon (for the first time, gasp/sigh) and played some hoops, which was nice, and that kinda saved my day.

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