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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Another evening rejuvenated by the Public Broadcasting System. When dinner-making, picture-framing, and picture-hanging had wound down, we found a totally fascinating "American Experience" about the making of the Hoover Dam. Seriously, the networks had "committed" and "nypd: blue" and probably at least one CSI, so the commercial free and interesting programming was perfect. Even Oliver tuned in.
It is raining like a banshee in southeast Michigan this day, which is just killing me. Killing me, like, with an 'ee' instead of an 'i' - keelling me. It shouldn't rain in January, that's what I say.
Article in the Daily today about the chanting at Yost. The man wants the see-ya chant changed or eliminated, and the students want an organized fan group like Maize Rage. I say don't mess with fans like that or you'll wind up with chics on wireless phones and a late-game exodus - just like the Big House.

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