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Friday, January 14, 2005
After the much-lamented rain of the past few days, the skiies opened up and it is sunny and snowing ever-so-lightly on this particular Friday...just the way I like it.
In the sleety afternoon yesterday I gave blood at the Washtenaw American Red Cross. They were having a grand opening of the new center, and they invited the day's donors to make their way upstairs (once the pint of O+ is in the bag) and partake. Foremost amongst the attractions was a chocolate fountain. Yip - just hold your fruit, food, or whatever (but not finger or tongue, I was told) right up there under the cascading cocoa and then put the chocolate-covered item in your pie hole. It was, as Jenelle would say, a genius thing.
I was pondering on my way into 'the office' this morning that many - nay, most - of my posts are reflective looks back at things. Where's the foresight, the anticipatory wondering, the crystal-ball-esque predicting of things to come? My internal self-answer was that it's just not worth it. We all know that forecasts are wrong, so why should I stand out there and spit into the wind? Plus, it's easier to reflect and that's more my nature anyway. Nostalgia is simple. Seeing the future, not so much.

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