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Monday, January 17, 2005
According to my addition skills, which are pretty decent, it is costing another $100m to get Mssr. Bush back into office. I was thinking all along throughout the campaign that if we just had an autocrat, think of how much we'd save! It also really gets under my skin that the taxpayers (although not the national ones) foot the bill for much of this - and the White House says that they do not. DC police are not, to the best of my knowledge, paid for by Home Depot, Inc.
There's a fine corollary! What in the heck is Home Depot doing donating a quarter of a million dollars to the President? If I shopped at HD much I'd be steamed, because just between you and me I'm guessing that that $250k is going right into the price of 16 (or should we make that 17?) penny nails.
There's a reason that I'm not down at Home Depot that often....I have stuff to do. So do most adults in the nation, unless you have the good fortune to be a DC-area government employee, in which case you can head on down to Home Depot on Thursday because you've GOT THE DAY OFF. CNN said that the pricetag on that portion of the festivities is $66m, which is absolutely outrageous. Plus, how is that not discrimination on the basis of geography? Some HUD worker in Houston ought to sue Uncle Sam and bring this thing to the forefront. Baaaaaaggghhh! I am out.

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