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Thursday, May 27, 2004
The thing with blogs is that they are darn near stream-of-consciousness; Mum said I mention cleaning a lot, and I guess that must be because somehow the idea of cleaning or doing laundry just sticks with me. Last night was just one quick load of reds but still that is an event that sticks in my mind. Other mindfilling events include a couple of semi-frantic calls regarding tuxedo arrangements, a nice talk with Grandma and Grandpa Irish, packing, and an early bedtime in preparation for today's late bedtime. This morning's project sailed out the door without a hitch and now I am wondering how on earth I am going to make the afternoon fly by before 5:30 rolls around and I fly away.
Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Another low average last night, although 23.05 was an improvement. I really am not sure why my times are down compared to last year, but I'm hoping that a more regular cycling regimen in June, July, and August will boost them back up. Got home in time to catch a dip in the pool and some leftover stir-fry with a leftover glass of wine...nice.

Today was F-T Day, football ticket day in civilian parlance, and boy am I stoked. Got myself tickets to six Big Ten football games at college sports' largest stadium and a blazing yellow T-shirt to mark the significance. There's no football like Big House football - that's what the shirt says. I also read an article today about people who ask for money online and are surprised at what they get; I got a letter from an Iranian NA/ME student via browncow this morning which was surprising, so here goes: if anybody wants to sponsor my Wolverine football hysteria, the price is $143. Included in your sponsorship are one student ticket to the season opener September 4th, one yellow cotton T-shirt (view), souvenir ticket stubs after each subsequent game, and multiple digital images taken from within the confines of the student section of Michigan Stadium. The last two items will arive via surface mail approximately one week following each home contest. The opening game ticket and shirt will be sent, FOB Ann Arbor, to the address provided by the sponsor prior to the season opener.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004
One of the things that I am going to miss about Sarasota, come September, is the opportunity to snap stellar pictures (like the new header that splashes today) of $500k automobiles riding around for no apparent reason on Saturday afternoon. Nothing says 'retirement money' quite like a white-haired old man driving a Lamborghini Murcielago, especially when it is flaming yellow.

Last night I created what has to be a record for biggest stir-fry ever made in 511, cracked a very nice reisling that has been on the bottom shelf for some time, and enjoyed quite a nice meal. I really like the sweet wine with the fire of stir-fry and the zip of chili sauce, so it's lucky for me that my menu is fixed for the rest of the week. "A Beautiful Mind" was on TV, too, and I watched a chunk of that and it made me hungry to see the rest....someday perhaps.

This morning has been all about angst regarding season football tickets at the Big House and how I am going to round up a second seat so that I can attend with friends and actually have a prayer of sitting together. It seems a violation of my civil rights that student seating isn't first-come, first-served. If SouthWest Airlines can do it, why can't Michigan Stadium?

Monday, May 24, 2004
May the 24th. Six year ago this day I marched across the stage at the front of RRHS' venerable gymnasium and graduted from high school. Crazy.

Good weekend, all told. I spent three hours detailing the exterior of the GMC on Friday...it looked awesome but it's amazing how quickly the shimmer of the wax fades into the Florida sun. Saturday I slept in, hit the library to scope out the situation with my season football tickets, checked out a couple of books, and headed off for grocery shopping for me and birthday shopping for Robin. Then it was home for the evening, reading, talking with family, etc. Sunday held A/V duty, reading, some cooking of enchiladas that will be in the freezer for my return from Memorial Day, and skating at the Igloo with the Ganners. Kaitlyn took a lap holding my hand, concluded that it was "very different from walking on conrete" and called it a night. Bill, however, did extremely well in his first outing on skates, and it was fun to share the experience of ice and cold with a four-year-old.

Friday, May 21, 2004
What has been a sluggish, down-and-dirty week of work and enthusiasmless days winds down today. I'm as excited about that as I have been about anything since last Sunday night. The stumper here is that I don't know why it's been so blah: there's been personal mail aplenty, catching up with people all over, a bike ride, some big wedding news, fascinating things in books and on TV, and I just haven't really gotten on plane all week, so to speak. Last night's ride was a picture perfect case-in-point; no stop on Pine Avenue meant a group of nearly 50 riders labored north into the wind at widely varying speeds with little or no etiquette or help for those doing the work. Then on the way home, everybody splintered so much that I was fortunate to latch onto a group of four guys doing around 25 for most of the way. Average at the light: 22.35. Twenty-two point three-five. Statue miles per hour. Ick. Bring on the weekend and let's get this thing jumpstarted.
Thursday, May 20, 2004
The significance of yesterday is marked by a purchase; not of groceries or other sundries but of airplane tickets for a long trip in July. Zero hour is July 22nd, when I head to London for an extra-long weekend with Jenelle. With that in the back of my mind I tuned in to an ultra-interesting program on PBS about the creation, construction and implementation of the machines that made the D-Day invasion of France possible. One of my hopes for this summer's trip is to take a day trip north to Cambridge to see the sights of that famous city but also to visit the American Armed Services Cemetery there.

Other relevant info is pretty limited. I did more laundry and headed to the library last evening and managed what used to be a normal bedtime, but that is strangely about it. Since Tuesday night's trim in advance of Megan & Wyl's wedding took precedence over a cycling outing, this afternoon will be my first outing in a week, which is depressing. Somehow the gulf between 35 miles a week and 70 miles a week is really quite enormous in terms of all-around fitness levels. That being said, the scale at Publix shows that riding season is my friend...10 pounds worth of resistance-causing evil has evaporated into the air above Gulf of Mexico Drive since the DST switch.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
For whatever reason this week is just making me want to throw a big fat tantrum right on the floor. There must have been a half-dozen times yesterday when I seriously thought it was Wednesday, and each time it was a nasty shocker to realize it was only Tuesday. But, got my hairs cut by newly-engaged Kim, heard the rundown from newly-engaged Drew, and headed for home. Tuned into PBS' "Colonial House" for some socially-valuable reality TV, talked with Constable, and those were the day's notable events.
Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Not a ton to show for last night: a load of whites, talking with my leasing agent regarding moving out, some dinner, a badly failed attempt to buy a couple of graduation cards, a nice conversation with Jenelle, and bed. It's funny how a whole lot of not very much can fill an evening, but there it is. This is proof positive to me that despite what some of the guides to "good web design" say, a headline isn't always that great a plan. I mean, what would today's headline be? This blog would read like an issue of The Onion: "Nothing Done," "Evening Had," or "Local Man Exists" would be three overly-used headlines, simply because if a body wants their blog to truly be a web log of events, sometimes you have to face facts that not every day is headline-worthy. OK. I'm out.
Monday, May 17, 2004
Trippy new header today, but seeing it for the first time on my high-res 19" monitor at work makes the text appear too big...maybe about 6 points less on the font size would be better. Penny for thoughts...

Good start to the weekend when, after shipping a proposal to Viking at 3:30 or so, Michael cut checks and sent the YD collective home early. I skipped home and then headed to Cingular to upgrade and be ready for more calls and expandable plans and GAIT access so that I can go anywhere (read: the U.P.) and not lose service. Then off to the Samsonite store, which has permanently closed, to browse for messenger bags for the notebook I don't have yet, then to SRQ to pick up free plane tickets that are no longer free because even a ghost-town of an airport charges for short-term parking. Home with a movie and some ice for an ultra-sore knee, talked with Jenelle and that was a wrap on a busy week. Saturday was apartment fun-time in the AM, then blood donation, some catching up via telephone, the Flyers-Lightning game, szechuan noodles for lunch, the creation of a marinade for a roast, and bed. Sunday was A/V duty, roast-cooking, and ice skating. There was a real honest-to-goodness speed skater there, and I followed him a little bit...or as long as I could keep up without pain in my legs from skating and pain in my eyes from the cold wind at those speeds. Then home to eat the roast and bask in that culinary triumph.

Exciting news, too, on the wedding front. I noted earlier that everyone and their dog is getting married or engaged, and we can add a check to the former column with a proposal to the north. Another proposal of sorts that involves me came later, so now I am off to scour the internet for a definitive list of 'best man responsibilities.' Plus it's never too early to start working on a roast of a different sort. WheeeeeeHAW! Speeches are fun.

Friday, May 14, 2004
Thanks to jewelboxing.com and airbag, I've been pretty keen this week to spruce up the interface here. As a result - KaBlamo - I've added a graphic to each day's heading and started using onomatopoeia. This weekend might hold some new graphic header for the blog half of the page...only time will tell.

Meanwhile in my non-virtual life, I got spanked on an extremely hot and windy ride last night. The average was around 22, although I honestly forgot to look as I passed under the Longboat Key Club traffic light. Somehow I don't remember it being so windy last year, and yesterday was a cruel reminder of what really feels and tastes like. Couple of major events headline my next few days; blood donation, apartment reservation, wedding expectation, and sound board operation. Good stuff.

Thursday, May 13, 2004
Is it possible that in one luckily-timed phone call to one friendly leasing manager and with the assistance of one awesomely helpful girlfriend that I could have one Grade-A one bedroom apartment one day from now? Apparently so. Mr. Koch at Huron Towers was really helpful and gave me a bit of a break in a couple of different ways; Jenelle is going to look at #409B on Saturday morning and hopefully by mid-day on Saturday my housing search will be over. This would be great - it isn't quite the utopian apartment within a house that I started off dreaming about, but let me tell you the value of renting in utopia is NOT good and utopia doesn't include heat, water, parking, and a corner view over the Arb and North Campus. Or a balcony. So hah! In your eye, utopia and run-down houses that cost more than is reasonable.
Wednesday, May 12, 2004
I was in quite the zone last night...I recall at some point making pesto, which I also vaguely remember really hitting the spot, taking care of the mess of bills and random financial stuff that piled up in my mailbox over the weekend, and talking with a few folks. Almost forgot to note hear that I spoke with Stonington, formerly Hwy 2, from CVG on Friday and heard the happy news upcoming. With that cryptic sentence my number of outcoming weddings increases to like, half a dozen. If anybody reads this who ISN'T getting married please don't be shy to change your plans and invite me. Speaking of weddings, my fortuitous bump from USAirways last August after Karyn & Rob's has paid big dividends in the form of actual free airplane travel between Tampa and New York for Jackie & Drew's. Ahhh free! No complaints on that one.
Tuesday, May 11, 2004
When I woke up yesterday morning the possibility that the evening would hold an Eastern Conference Finals playoff hockey game was not even within the realm of comprehension. So imagine my surprise when a ticket landed in my lap at 5:15 for the Flyers-Lightning game. Drew and I hoofed it north after work and took in a convincing (6-2) Flyers win that was quite entertaining. Long story short, thanks Patrizio, sorry Red Wings, yeah hockey. Other news includes me being worn out from the weekend and the exertion of being a semi-interested fan at a darned awesome game, which means no ride tonight. But, it'll be good to take it easy, hopefully get to bed early, and finally feel like I'm home from vacation.
Monday, May 10, 2004
It's craziness! Blogger.com is looking fresh and sporty today - even if I'm feeling just the opposite. It was a great (albeit just slightly exhausting) weekend in and around MSU's commencement activities. Friday morning I helped Robin and Ryan move some heavy stuff, and it was nice to see them and be able to lend a hand even if only for a few hours. In the afternoon was the ceremony; two hours of dull and 90 seconds of excitement and pride and a reason to have good posture...graduation is quite the conundrum, but an important life event all the same. Afterwards there was more heavy-stuff-hauling before heading to Brighton for a family gathering in the honor of the graduate. Saturday was moving day for both of the now-former occupants of 134 Durand #3, so Justin and I acted as beasts of burden (although he out-beasts me by about 50 pounds these days) and we got everyone's stuff moved to its new home. That evening, we headed to Meridian Mall for a little shopping action, then to bd's mongolian BBQ for a little face-stuffing action, and wrapped everything up with just a skosh more heavy lifting and some farewell between Nancy and Jenelle. Sunday turned into an unexpectedly long day together after I discovered that my flight through DTW had a 3 hour layover...changes were made, leaving time for a trip to the Dairy Store and campus gardens, some gift-setting-up at home, and time for relaxing and not lifting instead of running around hoisting things. Then to the airport for what I can only describe as a typical "NWA through DTW" flight home that put me on the ground in Florida 80 minutes behind schedule.
Thursday, May 06, 2004
Today is Thursday, but for me it's Friday. With that in mind I made hay at home last night but was bummed to find that West Wing had been pre-empted by a Dateline special about Friends. I mean don't get me wrong, I enjoy Friends (apparently to say anything else is un-American these days) but for all that is good and decent it isn't that funny a show. To be honest, if there were a syndicated Seinfeld rerun on during that hour time slot when those 6 lease-violators tune out I'd watch Jerry and the gang instead. But, instead of THAT I'll be on a plane, gliding off into a giant snarl of Midwestern weather, hoping to get down at Lansing Capital City and see some graduation, some siblings, some relations of Jenelle's, and some Dairy Store.
Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Windy as I've seen in Sarasota last night, with foam streaking from north to south down Sarasota Bay and riders streaking north to south down Longboat Key. Carried 23.76 over the flying island, but really felt like the return trip was equipment limited - the 2000 is really not that much fun to push above 28 or 29 for more than a few tenths of a mile. Plus, those members of the group with souped-up, minimum spoke wheels seemed to have a real edge in terms of wind gust resistance. Today is Onion day, laundry day, packing day, and cinco de Mayo, but tomorrow is what I am focused on today.

"I don't know much about cinco de mayo,
I'm never sure what it's all about."
~Cake's Mexico

Tuesday, May 04, 2004
Stupid wireless telephone providers! How, in the age of computers and instantaneous everything, can there possibly be a 2-5 day gap between when I end a phone call and when the computer updates my remaining minutes? Arrgh. In other news, I tore even farther into my latest non-fiction, which is pretty fascinating. Also did a little laundry in prep for the weekend and cleaned house a bit. Huh...such are Mondays.
Monday, May 03, 2004
Here's the thing with sports of all sorts: when they're great they're really great, when they're not they're really not. Went cycling Saturday morning and had quite the time of it, struggling against the wind in both directions and against the sun at every moment, but still managed a 20+ average and didn't get burned. Then, as is so often the case, the early afternoon turned into Sarasota errand fun time, with stops at Men's Wearhouse to get a button reattached, Barnes & Noble, and Taco Bell. The TB stop was an homage to days gone by, as I picked up some nachos and headed home to watch the Wings go down in disgrace for what may well be the last hockey game I see this year. Jenelle called in the evening and that was pretty much the day. Sunday was busy with A/V duty, some knee-icing, and skating. I've been reading "A Faster Way to Skate" at work the past few days and I think that the tips really paid off as I was quicker and more precise in and out of turns and seemed to have a touch more jump on the straightaways. Now it's Monday, though, and rain is pouring down and I'm painfully aware that it's still three more whole days before I get to leave.

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