b 4.0
Monday, December 06, 2004
Today I'm standing in the face of a mammoth project whose ins and outs I don't understand, confronted with a very opaque piece of the Microsoft universe called Project that I don't like, and as default self-appointed team leader. There's plenty to be said for lead by doing, but at the moment the struggle is to lead by doing not DO by doing. I find myself wondering if perhaps I shouldered too much of the burden at the outset when my technical background made it easy? Perhaps some floundering on the part of my teammates would have better ingrained in their minds the heft of this project? Who knows. It's a little late for second guessing. All signs point to Wednesday, December the 8th, a day which will live in notoriety for being the apex of my semester: 10-page book review, major team project and presentation, and NA 580 midterm.

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