b 4.0
Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Today has been somewhat of a catch-all day: CPC stuff, wrapping up the very last bit of coursework (IOE 441) and attending my last class of the term, and dutifully running errands, ironing shirts, and etc. Don't screw up your precedents. WIP is in the formula. Pick the correct queueing scheme. CT(G/G/1). Hmmmm salami and colby and fancy mustard on potato bread. Where's my apple? Forgot my apple. Damnation. Good song. Ehhhnnnn song. Messy desk, borrowed books. My books. Your books. Big drawer, small drawer, circular drawer. Hole punch, staple, staple, whole bunch, three-ring binder. Office hours. Snowy cold weather, haha Florida. Windy morning, locks frozen. Mmmmmm Florida. Ships on cold water, ships with ice on them, ships in my laptop.

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