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Monday, December 20, 2004
The ninth semester of my collegiate life wound down today, with the email submission of my final final. A few hours later, just past the deadline, a confirmation email announced that my test had been received on time and that the solution key was available online. Being a masochist, I checked things out and was pleased to find that, less one minor bonehead error, I'd pretty much taken this particular exam to the house.

I was doing some packing today and remembered that I'd totally forgotten to post something wild and crazy that happened last week. You know how sometimes you get a note from UPS that says "Package waiting for you" and you go "ehhh? What package could that be?" and invariably you either wind up remembering or feeling some amount of gratitude to somebody in your sphere of influence. That happened to me on Thursday, 'cept that instead of being from a known person, this package was from Powder (which I receive as a gift from two people in the above category) and I was totally baffled. So I opened it and found a DaKine Pro II pack, embroidered with "Powder, The skiiers magazine." After some phoning around, I discovered it was free swag, Primedia's way of saying thank you for filling out a reader response card.

Then there was Sunday, spent with Robin and Jenelle doing this and that and that and this, but mostly having buffet at Sindhu (still good) and ice skating at Munn and trying to stay warm.

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