b 4.0
Thursday, December 30, 2004
It's been some time since I got up in here, so the general rundown goes like this....
Days off, grades back, work done, ho hum.
Trip home long drive, snow up north, couple inches worth.
Skiing cross country, skiing down hill, winter in the U.P. sure fits the bill.
Christmas Eve pizza with cookies on the side.
Christmas morning in the pit, cookies for breakfast, beauty outside.
Day-after skiing, down the hill slide.
Fondue for dinner, guests from the west.
Fix up the truck, head south with a little luck.
Trip to the east, stop in New Jersey, get up the morning for a day in the city.
Uptown, midtown, downtown, all around.
Tired feet, Queens Midtown Tunnel, L.I.E.
Glen Cove Road, Dosoris, Harrison House.

© 2007 Corey Bruno