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Monday, December 13, 2004
I must be dating an English major, because we passed on the Michigan v. Bowling Green hockey game on Friday in favor of a nationally-attended poetry slam. It was pretty cool, and the presence of scores of politically-charged high schoolers confirmed what one poet alluded to: a new 1960s is on the way. One young man in particular summed things up when he (correctly, in my estimation) postulated that because of a few people at the top of the federal triangle, if he were killed by terrorists tomorrow more people would cheer his death than would mourn it. Zoinks.
After Poetry Night, we trapsed three blocks through the late-fall rain to the home of a fellow NAME student for a bit of a party, where we had a drink and some laughs but didn't stay too long, and then headed home. Saturday we cruised the better part of A-deuce's downtown areas - Kerrytown, Main Street, and State & Liberty. In the evening we watched "Saving Grace" and SNL and had Bailey's in new glasses and were glad to be inside rather than out. Sunday we went for a walk along the Huron, watched the Lions and Packers, read some journalage, had steak sandwiches (steak leftover from a great dinner on Friday) and pasties for lunch and dinner, respectively, and did the tiniest tiny bit of work.

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