b 4.0
Thursday, November 04, 2004
Wireless is cool - I have a few minutes before IOE441 starts, so I parked it on a bench outside the lecture hall and flipped on my trusty nx9110, hit a little blue button, and BAM I am in the know. For example, I know that Prof. Spicer has jury duty and will be out (email), I know that the lecture notes are up (CAEN network), I know I paid bills (internet), and I know I passed on the chance to IM some friends. Webbies are spoiled because the wireless coverage permeates every room and you hardly need it; resources are plentiful and close at hand. Here, though, resources are limited and are often tough to access and the wireless network helps bridge that gap. I've heard of (and seen the tower for) the broadband wireless available from the city of Gladstone, and I think it's brilliant. Internet access is, by every estimation, a utility that is becoming increasingly important to our daily lives and it is cool to see a town that size stepping up to face the future.

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