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Monday, November 08, 2004
One of the few weekends I have had recently that has been pretty much devoid of pre-planned activity. Notice I didn't say totally devoid....
Friday it was up and at em' early, out the door on my way to Lansing to help Jenelle pick out a kitten. Yes yes. We headed out to the Capital Area Humane Society, she filled some paperwork, and then a nice young lady took us into the kitten room. Holy man. There were definitely a plethora of cute, baby cats in there, but it really didn't take long at all to pick a very light orange tabby who was a little less screwy with excitement than the others and who seemed to rather enjoy pawing around in the litter box. So, Jenelle filled out some forms and left a check and out the door we went, carrying two pounds of pretty silent kitten who is now known as Oliver. Pictures soon....
The rest of the weekend was very much a blur; dinner and kitty show-and-tell with Robin at Jenelle's on Friday, lazy old day full of playing with Ollie and a trip to the mall on Saturday, work on Sunday, and a couple of movies.
One of the movies was actually kind of a highlight..."Supersize Me" was good. I'm pro-health / anti-obesity in the sense that I think people out to exersize more and eat nasty food less, so this thing was right up my alley. Plus, gross enough to guarantee at least a couple days worth of healthy eating.

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