b 4.0
Wednesday, November 10, 2004
It's the middle of week, officially, but lately that seems to have little bearing on the momentum contained in one of my weeks. With the coming and going of a rather pleasant NA580 exam, the parts of my week that loomed large are done looming. Now it's on to fun stuff, or at the very least, stressless stuff like ice skating and simple IOE homeworks and projects and research. There're a multitude of lunchtime presentations and things going on in the department, too; this evening was the mid-semester review of academic issues. It reminded me of the glory days with Dean Compton and a classroom of upset Webbies, except that the undergrads here seemed less realistic and nobody really knew what the other was going through. Winston Churchill said "if you're going through hell, keep going" but I'd like to modify that slightly and say that "if you're going through hell, bring friends." As Douggie F pointed out in the autumn of 2002, the longer we're away from the Institute the shorter (and more worthwhile) our time there seems.

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