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Monday, November 15, 2004
It's late in the autumn, but the sun shines down relentlessly in Michigan, especially on the Maize and Blue. The Michigan Stadium season wound down on Saturday under another batch of perfect football weather in front of another batch of 111,347 fans; the Wolverines ran the table at home with a pretty nonchalant trouncing of Northwestern. Stevie Breaston finally came alive again after the bye week to keep it exciting, and Lloyd Carr rediscovered Michael Hart in the second half to keep the fans from booing. The real football news came from East Lansing, under the (partial) lights at Spartan Stadium, where the oft-maligned State team conducted a very chalant and thorough trouncing of Wisconsin. Fight! Fight! Rah, team Fight! was the chant most heard throughout the state this weekend.
Today I have a couple of A/V treats. The first is a video of the attendance announcement from Saturday...confirming the record annual attendance at Michigan Stadium. (Beware, this is a 1.1MB download!) bighouse.wmv.
The second is a much-requested picture of Sir Oliver the Buff. Here it is. As an aside, I can't believe that I have been reduced to posting a picture of a kitten. Boy did I ever not see that one coming.
Oliver...2.5 months

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