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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
It's called backing into the grand-daddy of them all, but no matter how you slice it Michigan is sending their varsity tackle football squad to the Rose Bowl. To read the Daily and hear the talk shows around here you'd think we were in Happy Valley cheering for Penn State. Personally, I think it's pretty good to be headed to a second straight Rose Bowl, and my thinking is that the folks down in Iowa City would love to be in our shoes so we should think back to September when we pummeled the Hawks and remember that we earned the trip.
Brawls and violence seem to dominate the news this weekend, but Robin and I were predominantly interested in the goings-on down at Yost Ice Arena as U-M tangled with MSU. The blue emerged with a 5-4 victory after a game that got off to such a frenzied start that the last period was a snooze as players ran out of gas.
Myriad things to get done this short week, but it'll just never happen and I'm going to be the one at T-givens dinner with my turkey in one hand and "The Machine That Changed the World" or my laptop in the other. Bummmmmer. (On the upside, it looks like it will snow.)

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