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Monday, November 29, 2004
I have a variety of malaise to report today. My sinus region remains somewhat jammed with mucus that I can only assume is a close relative to hydraulic cement, I seem to have developed a canker sore on my uvula (just to be clear that is the little thing hanging from the roof of your mouth), and I have terminal ADD. The first two may be contributing to the last one, but regardless today has been somewhere just this side of fruitful.
There's some happiness in my world that stems from Wal-Mart. It would seem that the biggest big box had a slow Black Friday, and pundits say that a recovery could be bad for Sam & Co. Robin and I were talking about the Walton's collective inability to spread the fruits of their father's labor ($750m out of $100bn last year or 0.75%, compared with Gates' off year of $1.18bn out of $46.6bn or 2.5%) and how the company continues to desecrate hill and dale to further their evil empire. Perhaps those ancients unearthed in Mexico so that passers-by on the freeway could see the blue marquee are coming back? I'm not really prone to superstition, but I hope it is true. With that, I direct ye to www.walmartsucks.com.

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