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Friday, November 19, 2004
The Grand-daddy of them all is on the line (asterisk) tomorrow, as are in-state CCHA bragging rights. If Michigan can prevail over the State universities of Ohio and Michigan, Robin and I will have a great Saturday. She's coming down to watch the telecast of the Big Game and afterwards we're headed to Yost for Michigan-Michigan State in ice hockey action.
I haven't forgotten to blog in quite some time; yesterday can be chalked up to that column. It just seems to be getting busier and busier around here, although sometimes that doesn't lead to more interesting entries.
My deep thought for today is that the Red Bucket Army is getting soft. Today I was at Kroger - the subject of a future tirade, undoubtedly - and the shaker of the bell had moved indoors. INDOORS! In Escanaba the Salvation soldiers camped outside of Super One Foods and Elmer's Total Disco, in much colder weather than the relatively balmy 46F temps in Ann Arbor.

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