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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
The biggest news this week seems to be the mass exodus from P Bush's cabinet. Strange. I read recently that Canada's immigration website has seen a 600% increase in hits; I wonder if Mssrs. Ashcroft, Powell, Ridge, Abraham, Paige and Ms. Venemen were among the deluge? Regardless, Condoleezza Rice's appointment as Secretary of State is interesting in that by all estimations she is totally capable and will do a great job, but she's still a black woman. In this society that seems stuck in the 1950s mindset of government as a mouthpiece for morality, discrimination, and stereotyping, I find it tremendous that we can at least move forward a baby step and a half and give Ms. Rice the position. Now we need to take what we've learned here and apply it a little more unilaterally, possibly including ex-NJ Governor James McGreevey?

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