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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Yesterday afternoon I got to feeling ahead of the game and Jenelle was feeling behind, so we combined forces at her place to try and level the field a bit. I did domestic stuff (although I was stymied by the most basic plumbing task...getting the bathroom sink stopper back on) while she cranked out some work for school.
Been a too-quiet week around here as things get pushed back, back, waaay back towards the end of the week. The big-wigs from NAVSEA will be here on Friday, so I get to make a presentation on what is still a fledgling project, the CPC, Friday morning. Plus, a long-hand homework assignment is due in IOE 441. It kills me that I'm still required to drag out paper and pencil and calculator to do financial-planning type stuff. Sure it's easier to grade, but it is NOT easier to complete. Baaaaahh academia can get your goat in no time flat if you let it.

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