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Monday, October 04, 2004
We popped in War's greatest hits album on Sunday and "All Day Music" seemed to capture the whole weekend.

BWOOHHHHHHHHH!!!! Fade in: Thursday, autumn, busy. A small SUV rockets westward in need of a wash and wax, chasing the setting sun.

Thursday was Jenelle's birthday. She turned not quite as old as me. It was, though, by her admission, more like Thursday than anything else. To change that we headed to Red Cedar Grill to cash in the mis-dated gift certificate we received one February Saturday nearly 8 moons ago. We enjoyed a nice meal and a huge chunk of delicious "Happy Birthday" carrot cake compliments of the house.
Friday was a busy day, with plenty of scrambling to get emails off and back and work started before meeting Robin for lunch and some catch in the park. In the mid afternoon I took off, swinging by Jimmy John's for dinner-in-the-car food and then to Jenelle's to kick off our trip to Chi-town. We got rolling and eventually reached the city in time to check in and essentially crash, both wiped from a week of work and school.
Saturday we got up and wandered the surprisingly quiet city in the direction of Shedd Aquarium by way of Grant Park. We wound up spending much of the afternoon at the aquarium before heading off to do some shopping along Michigan Avenue (Crate & Barrel was a highlight) and then wander towards Navy Pier. Along the way, outside a great-looking Italian joint, our path crossed that of a Navy crew on leave who had just had their meal paid for by an anomymous stranger to the tune of $250. That's what I'm talking about. We had caught the Italian mood, though, and found a good bistro-esque eatery on Navy Pier where we enjoyed a nice dinner before taking in what can only be described as a surprisingly good fireworks display. Once the grand finale had gone up, we aimed our walking shoes towards home and (with the help of a Starbucks stop) made it there in time for SNL.
Sunday was perfect and sunny (as was Saturday) and we both just enjoyed the time in the car, relaxing, watching the countryside scroll by as we headed back towards life as we know it. Mom and Robin had dinner ready and waiting after I said goodbye to Jenelle, but the night held academic agendas for Robin and I, so I skeeedaddled and got some stuff done.

BWOOHHHHHHHHH!!!! Fade out: Monday, autumn, busy. A dude in jeans racing around A-duece in search of hockey tickets and a late admittance to Tauber Manufacturing Institute is getting overly warm. Work gets done, class gets attended.

"music is what we like to play
all day all day all day all day all day
to soothe your soul"

Chicago, October 2004

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