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Tuesday, October 12, 2004
There's no easy way to see when posts have been during the day as a function of the lifetime of a blog, but I suspect that the later posting times on BrownCow have generally occured during school times. It's been late nights all around lately as school continues its return to the memory that I held of it. As I've said, it's nice to be working hard and late, but somehow the idea that I have to lock my laptop and head for the car at the end of the night is a detraction.
Fall has definitely arrived on North Campus...colors are slamming some of the maples along my bike route in a major way. The tree by A&A that was a rainbow is now straight-up crimson from tip to trunk.
Slow news day when working late and trees turning are the exciting things. Huh. Another debate goes down tomorrow so hopefully that will generate some bloggage.

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