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Thursday, October 07, 2004
There's generally something going on at NAME, in the form of a SNAME Student Section / Quarterdeck meeting or a presentation by some luminary from industry or a dissertation or just some general hangin' around, but last night it was dead quiet when I walked the halls and retrieved the Jimmy from the parking lot - the last vehicle there. It reminded me very much of those years spent making the walk from the library to my room at 2 or 3 AM...see 8-1998 thru 6-2002 for reference. It's good to be feeling productive again, to be getting work done, and to be staying ahead of the game early in the semester. There's something intangibly gratifying about wrapping up a combination CAD drawing-presentation-project at 0215 that is just different (better?) than shoving off at 1730 and saving it for the 'morrow.

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