b 4.0
Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Life as a graduate student is an interesting amalgamation of the school skills I've been repressing over the past two years and the life skills I've been building during that time. Today's case-in-point: study breaks made to call around and shuffle finances from my working life. There's more to consider as a grad student, but also less. Family comes to town this weekend, bringing the considerations of hosting that would be associated with an adult. Homework has been assigned today, bringing the considerations of completion and grading that would be associated with a teenager.
The whole of the Eastern Time Zone will be moonless for about an hour and 20 minutes this evening for the last full lunar eclipse until 2007, which should be cool. There's also baseball, a Quarterdeck Society (QD) meeting, and a heap of stuff to get done ahead of tomorrow's 0800 departure for Lake Express.

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