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Monday, October 25, 2004
Hoowah! Michigan won in a great game, and the Holt v. Grand Ledge matchup on Friday could not have been closer. On an evening suitable for a movie, Holt went on a game-tying drive with less than two minutes to go, missed a PAT, went to OT, picked off a pass in the end zone, and doinked the winning 23-yarder off the upright to wrap up the conference. Classic, classic, football.
In true Michigan fashion I started off the weekend by heading to Yost Ice Arena on Friday for the noon public skate. There were only about half a dozen folks out on the ice for the 50-minute session, and it was pretty awesome to be down on the ice skating over the block M and under all of those banners.
In non-sporting news, it was a busy weekend. We spent a fair amount of it cooking, truth be told. Friday night was chili for the weekend, Saturday was nachos, plus we made about 3 gallons of soup to freeze for Robin, who has recently decided to have mono. Whippeee! Jenelle delivered the stockpile on Sunday along with a stack of DVDs, so hopefully the path to recovery will take the form of empty zip-loc tubs and Saltine wrappers strewn around the sofa in front of the TV.

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