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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Holy Halfway Point Batman! The semester is half-over and I've been reduced to cliche movie lines to help try and comprehend it. Luckily the U had a two-day study break to mark the occasion, so I have had a nice long break since my last post.
After the exam I blazed a trail for Fairchild Auditorium on the campus of MSU for the student orchestra's first performance of the season. It was very good, with a nice selection of uptempo classical music. Robin plays violin in the ensemble and was, apparently, pretty much awesome. (Or so I assume...to be honest, I really could not tell.)
Last Friday I took in my first Great Lakes / Great Rivers SNAME section meeting during the day and then that evening was my first Michigan hockey game at Yost Ice Arena. Whew! Those are some enthusiastic fans. If the Big House faithful were that into the sport of football, teams would just not come to play there. It was a fun game even though Michigan was let down by supposed goaltending phenom Al Montoya and settled for a tie even though they outshot UNH by 48-29.
Saturday was just a lazy old day. Actual Michigan fall weather led to a slow start and even then we kept activity to a minimum: a trip to Uncle John's Cider Mill in St. Johns was the day's marquee event. We did some damage, with a peck and a half of apples (including some Northern Spies labeled "not generally for eating" that I found deeeelicious), some apple butter, a loaf of cinammon bread, a pumpkin, one dozen apple donuts, and two gallons of cider. With all of our apple-related goodies in hand we trucked home and watched Seabiscuit and pigged out.
Sunday was a work day for Jenelle while Robin and I got together for some picture-developing and other random stuff before spending some time with Nancy and Vince.
Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday were days of work, catching up and moving ahead. But between apple eating and buying new sneakers and framing new black and whites the discretionary time flew, bringing us up to date.
Finally, a parting shot from the other Michigan Big 10 school.
Red Cedar River

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