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Monday, October 11, 2004
Another busy weekend in the LP of Michigan. Things started out on Friday with a Holt High School football contest against Okemos - won by the home team in the pouring rain and made memorable by the dark-stadium light show put on by the marching band at halftime. We had a bit of a fall classic at home, too, with venison brats and corn on the cob (aplenty!) for dinner before the game. Saturday was the 4th home game on the Wolverine's varsity football schedule, a tilt against Big 10 sleeper Minnesota. With 111,518 on hand at the Big House, M pulled out a come-from-behind victory capped by a six-play, 87-yard spectacle of a drive that concluded in big #89 (Tyler Ecker) rumbling over two tacklers and 31 yards to the south endzone. The best part about a giant play at the other end of the stadium is that it takes about 3 seconds from the time you see the linesman's arms go up until the wall of pure white noise hits you. And after that, pandemonium in the student section. There must have been 200 people being hoisted to count points; the whole northwest corner was one chaotic sea of jumping, screaming, high-fiving fans. It was so loud that the only indication of the band playing was the emphatic pumping of fists from the other sections with each "hail" to the Victors. MMMMmmmmm GO BLUE!
After the game, we swung by Tubby's for subs and then proceeded directly to The Arb for a walk around some of the grounds and a picnic along the Huron. It was a quintessentially fall day, complete with a spectacularly tart apple imported from the UP.
Sunday was spent largely working, but with breaks enough for Robin and I to wash 4 cars, including the grimy beast formerly known as the James, for a couple of whirlwind bike rides to and from Burcham Woods to the MSU library, and even an all-too-brief trip to the Dairy Store.

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