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Monday, September 27, 2004
Michigan Stadium, 25 Sept 04

Michigan 30, Iowa 17. We missed a PAT, fumbled on the goal line, and had suspect secondary play, but Hart and Henne are coming on line and Braylon is the man. Couple those three with solid line and linebacker play and you're 1-0 in the Big Ten.
Anthony was here to take in the festivities; he spent some time wandering A2 on Friday while I worked and attended a Student Section luncheon here with Charles Cushing giving a talk about maritime casualties. Then over to East Lansing and Robin's apartment, where we sat around while Robin prepped lasagna, headed to the Dairy Store, and then returned to Robin's for an aaaawesome dinner. After eating, Jenelle, Anthony, and I headed to Wharton Center to see Jill in "Oklahoma." Her part was pretty small but it was fun to see her in the show and good to take in some culture. We met up afterwards and Robin joined us for dessert and socializing that lasted until about 1. Then back to Ann Arbor in time for bed.
Saturday was more wandering in A2, this time in the name of getting to Michigan Stadium by 3:30 for kickoff. We made it in plenty of time, saw (and heard) the bands play, and took in a pretty good football game, complete with blimp overhead, several highlight-reel plays, and 111,428 in attendance. Afterwards, we trekked back to my place for burgers and corn and "Tommy Boy." Then, Anthony and I drove back downtown to Scorekeeper's for a little more socializing.
Sunday was a laid-back day, with a late start, breakfast at a diner, some football, and a trip to DTW filling time before I headed back to NAME for another presentation and plenty of work that filled the night.

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