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Thursday, September 23, 2004
In all the midweek monotony of yesterday I forgot to mention that it's officially fall. In theory I've observed the autumnal equinox every year of my life, but somehow this one seems a bit more important. Trees in south Michigan are hinting at the beginning of fall color season, which is amazing given that nearly three weeks ago the UP trees were celebrating Labor Day by starting their turn.
Late night last night as I took care of final details at home after an IOE 441 meeting at Markley - straightening the art that was hung in the morning, cutting and tinning speaker wires, trimming plants, doing dishes, exactly the domestic tasks that didn't even exist during my U.G. career. Then when all was ready to go I knocked off and read the final 50 pages or so of The Goal. Now it is Thursday, Anthony arrives in a shade over 9 hours, and life is busy once again.

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