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Friday, September 03, 2004
Holy Hiatus Batman! So I've taken a week off, this is a pro bono excersize anyway. But here's a rundown on the runs-around of the past week.
Driving: Lots of driving, including 1233 miles in a 16' Penske van pulling the Jimmy on a car carrier. It went incredibly smoothly and we arrived in Ann Arbor (AA, A2, or my fave, A-deuce) around 5pm on Saturday last. From there Dad headed home, I headed to Lansing, and the week began in earnest.
Moving: In addition to all of the packing that I did (with plenty of help from Dad) in SRQ, I also had a heap of UNpacking to do here at Huron Towers. This devoured much time, even with 5 hours of help from Jenelle and Robin on Monday night. But, the mess in 409b has subsided and that is nice.
Apartment: Pretty trick. It's not big, but the light is abundant, windows everywhere, and balcony palatial. I have a good view of the surrounding area, although somewhat abbreviated by the VA hospital, which looms to my north.
Orientation: Goodness, am I ever oriented. I've never been so oriented in my life. In point of fact the usefulness of these orientations is not that high, but between the three of them I got 5 free meals, which is cool. The NAME departmental one on Thursday was worthwhile, but really I should probably have just skipped the College of Engineering and Rackham events in favor of moving in and sleeping and reading.
GSRA: This week was a bit of an early start for my GSRA. I met Professor Dr. Thomas Lamb, who seems cool. We talked stuff over and I got a feeling for the lay of the land as to the CPC project and he even offered some suggested reading, so I dug into that somewhat and will likely be doing more of that on the rides north and south if possible.
That's the skinny before a weekend of swimming and skiing and UP fun. Then it's back for the first day of classes, book buying, laptop wireless troubleshooting, and hopefully some picture posting.

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