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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Got home the other night and needing some brain-rot, I flipped on the TV. Sadly for me, it was on CBC which means that I tuned in to the Paralympics. Chances are good you've not heard anything about the Paralympics if you are an American like me, since the coverage is non-existent. Well in Canada it is a big deal, as well it should be, and their coverage is outstanding. I saw several heats of the women's wheelchair 400m, including the top division where the champ set a world record in about 51.5 seconds. So here's a 30-something woman with no legs who can get around the track in 2.5 seconds less than I could at the height of my track career...and nobody has heard anything about it. At the Olympic Games, US medal count was everything, and we cleaned up. At the Paralympic Games the US is in roughly ninth place behind just about every other G-8 nation. Fabulous. Perhaps somebody ought to say something about this so we can get behind the whole team.

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