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Monday, September 13, 2004
Good weekend here, excepting the Varsity's loss in South Bend. Luckily for me and my cardiac health, I wasn't home to watch the devastation set in. Since it seemed the perfectly normal thing to do, Jenelle and I headed southeast on Saturday to IKEA. It was fun - road trips and contemporary furniture are two of my favorite things that seldom, nay, rarely happen - and the end result is a styling, finished apartment. I got some blazin' chairs and a coffee table and a little patio table for my enormous balcony...boy am I stoked. It would have been nice to pick this stuff up 18 months ago, when I needed chairs and wound up going the "stopgap" route at some unnecessary expense. But I digress; all that remains at home is to hang pictures and figure out the lighting situation in my bedroom.
On the other end of the commercial spectrum, I parted ways with my iPod last night and will do the same with my RTA desk tonight. U-M runs a very effective e-posting board for the sale of such things and it's nice to be able to generate some cash from the disposal of such things as the desk.
Now to some humor from the original hometown newspaper, Escanaba's Daily Press. Slow news weekend apparently, as the headline for Monday reads "Nalgene bottles popular in the area." Top that, fictional newsource The Onion!
Finally, a picture from the balcony looking skyward as one of three Survival Flight Bell 430s returns to UMHS hospital.
UMHS Survival Flight Bell 430

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